Modern day friendship! Following Miranda Kerr‘s split from Orlando Bloom, the model and her ex’s new fiancé, Katy Perry, created a unique friendship over the years.

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Bloom and Kerr were originally married from 2010 to 2013. The pair mô tả son Flynn, who was born in January 2011. The businesswoman later tied the knot with Evan Spiegel in 2017. The couple welcomed their sons Hart & Myles in 2018 & 2019, respectively.

The actor, for his part, was first linked to the singer after they met at a Golden Globes afterparty in 2016.

“She’s very surprising,” the Carnival Row star later told The Sunday Times about his thoughts during their first meeting. “She’s witty and smart và intelligent. She’s charismatic, but she’s direct too, và this dynamic was intriguing khổng lồ me.”

The pair split briefly in 2017 and reconciled the following year. Bloom proposed to Perry in 2019 & they welcomed their daughter, Daisy, in August 2020.

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Prior khổng lồ her daughter’s arrival, the American Idol judge shared how looking after Flynn helped her prepare for motherhood.

“We have to be out the door at 7:30 khổng lồ be there at 8:15 & we cannot be late,” the “Hot n Cold” singer said on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in September 2019. “I used lớn not wake up until 11 a.m. And now I’m in bed lượt thích a normal person at 10 p.m., just, like, falling asleep. I guess this has definitely matured me. I guess this is adulting. That’s why I still dress lượt thích a child, khổng lồ fight against!”

Perry and Kerr’s bond was formed as the twosome took part in family events together, và the australia native even opened up about how Flynn brought everyone closer.

“When it comes khổng lồ special occasions when we have to lớn be together, we work it out so we have compromises what is the best for our whole family,” Kerr shared on The Drew Barrymore Show in November 2020. “We really vị always think of what is the best thing for Flynn, and I just think that’s the most important thing.”

The two moms even took to lớn social truyền thông media to discuss with one another how their lives have changed since having children.

“I feel lượt thích I got the opportunity to climb every single mountain, especially career-wise, and see those views. A lot of them I was really grateful for, but there was no feeling lượt thích the feeling when I had my daughter,” the performer noted during an Instagram Live with Kerr in April 2021. “I mean, that was all the love that I was ever searching for, like, bam, wholeness!”

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