For those very special occasions—royal weddings, Oscar ceremonies, the morning after a successful coup d’état—when you really need to arrive in true style, there is no substitute for a Mercedes-Maybach Pullman.

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Measuring over 21 feet from nose lớn tail, the Pullman limousine is more than 41 inches longer than an already lengthy Mercedes-Maybach sedan. It is even 20-plus inches longer than the longest Rolls-Royce, the latest Phantom VIII Extended Wheelbase.

Since its introduction as the S600 Pullman back in 2015, this rolling giant has been the stretch limo of choice for rockers, royals, and oligarchs the world over. Now Mercedes-Benz is giving its flagship a timely refresh, sharpening its lines, increasing power và performance, và adding even more sumptuous surrounds.



Despite being designed with the passengers in mind, the Pullman offers an exceptional experience for the driver.Photo: Courtesy Mercedes-Benz.

Guaranteeing a faster getaway from those pesky paparazzi or rebel tanks, the new Pullman comes with the latest hand-built Mercedes-Benz 6-liter, twin-turbocharged V-12. With 621 hp and an impressive 738 ft lbs of torque on tap, it launches the leviathan from standstill khổng lồ 62 mph in just 6.5 seconds.

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Of course, if you crave more power—as you likely will, if ordering the armored Pullman—the German tuning team at Brabus will happily provide you with its Brabus 900 package. This increases the capacity of the V-12 to lớn 6.3 liters, adding bigger turbochargers, special manifolds, and a high-performance exhaust. The kết thúc result is 888 hp & a staggering 1,106 ft lbs of torque.

While global order books opened March 15, vì not expect khổng lồ see a new Pullman in your local Mercedes-Benz showroom anytime soon. Early productions will likely be heading to eager buyers in the Middle East, China, & Russia.

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