General Introduction

Dung Quat Industrial Town has been invested over 2,000 billion dong by Hoang Thinh Dat Corporation (Investment License no 7020466318) in Phase I. This project is expected to be a breakthrough in infrastructures of Dung Quat Economic Zone and North Quang Ntua ‘s urban. Moreover, it shall enlarge on Chu Lai Economic Zone và South Quang Nam where local government is planning urban area. (Environmental Impact Assessment)



Dung Quat Industrial Town Project is oriented in the total area developing of 1,303 ha in which there are two main phases: Phase I: 319ha, Phase II: 984 ha. Specific positions were agreed by the Management Board of Dung Quat Economic Zone (Document No. 895 / MB-QLchính phủ quốc hội & XD July 7, 2016).

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Currently, Hoang Thinc Dat Corporation puts forward to focus on Phase I with a scale of 319 ha in order to develop industrial và service parks. These next Phase will carefully be analyzed & concretely proposed before implementing.



Phase I total invested capital of project: VND (Two Thousvà & twenty-five sầu billion Vietphái mạnh dong), in which:


This project is divided into lớn two main stages of development in a specific schedule is as follows:

Phase IA: Develop approximately 166 hectares of industrial land,: Implementation of infrastructure construction the entire 166 hectares of industrial land; Construction Phase 1 wastewater treatment plant with a capathành phố of 25,000 CMD & clean water plant with a capađô thị of 31,000 CMD;Phase IB: Develop 153 hectares of industrial space; Investment in the construction of Phase II of the wastewater treatment plant with a capathành phố of 25,000 CMD, và clean water plant with a capacity of 31,000 CMD;

It is the only concept of time when mentioning about the division of the project into the different development phase. In fact, when the Phase IA has developed và filled about 60% of the area, we will immediately invest in the construction of Phase IB project.



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Sort of landPhase 1Expected phase 2Total
Size (ha)Proportion (%)Size (ha)Proportion (%)Size


Proportion (%)
1 Land for construction of factories264,2682,84191,6563,88455,9173,65
2Public land7,372,314,761,5912,131,96
3Land for parks and green trees9,653,0355,6218,5465,2710,54
4Land for infrastructure6,792,131,610,548,41,36
5Lvà for workers’ housing00,0018,336,1118,332,96
6L& for prevention và fighting0,540,1700,000,540,09
7Lvà for transportation30,939,7028,039,3458,969,53


Manufacture và assembly of electrical, electronic and telecommunication equipment;Manufacture and assembly of autodi động và aircraft components;Production of Medicine, pharmaceutical chemistry & pharmaceuticals;Manufacture of chemicals and chemical products;Producing and processing foodstuffs, beverages;Wastewater treatment & management;Textile industry;Leather production và related products;Mechanical (including plating which is a key stage of the product);Manufacturing industry;Light industries and supporting industries;


Location advantages: the Total scale of Dung Quat Industrial Town Project stays in Binc Son district, Quang Nsợi Province which belongs lớn Dung Quat Economic Zone. The boundaries of 319 ha area of Phase I as below:

Project’s area has the most convenient transportation in Dung Quat economic zone:

5km from Chu Lai airport;3km from Dung Quat seaport;1km from Da Nang – Quang Nsợi highway;East is adjacent lớn Tra Bong river and Tkhô hanh Nien street;North is adjacent to lớn Chu Lai Airport;South is adjacent khổng lồ Doc Soi – Dung Quat street;West is adjacent to L& of Phase II area.

Tax & other policies’ advantages

Tax rate of 10% corporate income in 15 years since the company had revenue from Project, 04-year tax exemption, reduction of một nửa of the tax payable in the next 09 years since taxable income is applied. For large-scale and important projects, the Prime Minister is allowed lớn apply the preferential tax rate of 10% within 30 yearsImport Duty: Duty-không lấy phí for special equipment, machinery, & materials (non-production in Vietnam) constituting fixed assets of the project which invests in preferential import tax fields. Exemption of import tax for 05 years for the production of materials & components which cannot be produced in Vietphái mạnh & must be imported for production of projects investing in special investment encouragement field.Export Duty: Apply only for limited natural resources.Value-added tax: VAT applied differently khổng lồ the professions: 0%, 5%, & 10%Other Priority policies: Quang Ntua also has many policies to lớn tư vấn such as employee training, trade promotion, implementation of administrative procedures, etc.

Key infrastructure system advantage

– Infrastructure electrical engineering và communication Systems will be invested and supplied to the fence of project’s area by Quang Ngai

About supplying of clean water and wastewater treatment, Hoang Thinh Dat proactively invested in wastewater treatment plant with a capathành phố of 51,000 CMD và 50,000 CMD clean water supply plant with raw water from the Thach Nsay đắm B3 canal in order to lớn meet the demand for clean water for production activities of investors


– There are schools, hospitals, municipalities and other utilities have sầu been invested by the Government around this project in order khổng lồ develop overall Dung Quat economic zone and Quang Ntua province. Therefore, Dung Quat Industrial Town project easily accesses and takes advantages of the social utilities as Dung Quat Economic Zone.

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Human resource advantage

Quang Nsợi Province has a population of over 1.3 million people, the labor force accounted for 53.8% of the population of working age. Currently, there are 8 Colleges and Universities around this area. Every year, nearly 30,000 graduated students from high schools, professional schools, colleges, universities; besides, Quang Nam , Komtum, Binh Dinh province with a population of 3.5 million people ( in which 50% khổng lồ 58.8% in the working age) shall ensure adequate supply of chất lượng human resources for businesses.