Apology Email To Customers & Clients

Having a hard time figuring out how lớn apologize? Apology emails can be challenging khổng lồ write, so that's why we break down how to apologize professionally in an e-mail and make sincere apologies.

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Are you wondering how lớn apologize in an email? When apologizing, finding the right things to lớn say is sometimes more easily said than done. However, owning up to lớn a mistake, learning how lớn apologize, & getting over a mistake are essential skills in your career development because everyone makes mistakes at work. 

This blog post provides you with 100 sincere apologies examples that help you to lớn grasp how lớn apologize professionally in an email. We provide you with apology statements và sample sentences that make your apology messages feel sincere, as well as kazantourforum.com's apology templates make your apology emails come off as more than a copy & pasted sorry note.

By the time you've finished reading, you'll know exactly what to lớn say in an apology next time you need lớn say sorry & make amends.

How to lớn apologize

Everyone makes mistakes at work; dealing with them defines you personally và professionally. So how do you apologize professionally?

If you've made a mistake, you're likely feeling stressed. You may need help crafting an apology to lớn your boss, sending an e-mail apology thư điện tử to a client, or wondering how to apologize khổng lồ a customer. 

Whatever the reason you're searching for an apology email, we can help you learn how to apologize sincerely.

When considering how to apologize for a mistake professionally, you should be sincere, not cynical, say researchers. That means saying sorry & leaving the ifs và buts for later. 

An effective apology involves acknowledging what you've done wrong and admitting it. OK, so it sounds simple, but it isn't. But, to lớn save face, many of us seek to qualify an apology which can affect how it's received. How does this work? 

"I'm sorry I made a mistake, I was under pressure at the time."

Put simply, say "I apologize," not "I apologize, but…"

Other important apology etiquette includes using the active voice và the first person. If you've made a mistake & are sorry, then say "I am sorry" rather than "We are sorry". 

When to apologize at work

We all make mistakes at work và are constantly learning và improving. In most cases, you'll know you've done wrong & need khổng lồ apologize. We've split apology types into three categories.

Professional mistakes 

Here are some of the reasons you may need to lớn send an email apology for a professional mistake:

Apology e-mail for missing deadlineApology for missing a meetingApology for sending documents lateApology thư điện tử for forgetting somethingApology for not responding to an emailApology e-mail for sending the wrong attachmentApology for not seeing an emailApology for a typo in an email Apology for forgetting to vị somethingApology for miscommunicationPersonal slip-ups

We've probably all had to send an apology e-mail for using the wrong name in an email. It's an example of a standard personal slip-up that's easily managed. Here are some others…

Apology for using the wrong name in an emailApology thư điện tử for sending email to the wrong person Apology for using the wrong job titleApology for using the wrong company nameApology for addressing someone using the wrong genderTechnical Problems

 You may find yourself having to lớn apologize for a technical issue with some software, a system, or a solution. Here are a few examples of technical problems that may require an apology.

Apology for sending too many emailsApology for vps outagesApology for service failureApology thư điện tử for technical issuesApology for system downtime

How khổng lồ say sorry when…

Not everything in business is black and white. Sometimes, there are gray areas. In this section, we look at some of the situations where you may need to say sorry in slightly different ways, including:

Other ways lớn apologize without saying sorry How lớn apologize when you are not wrong How to lớn apologize for saying something you didn't meanHow to apologize when you're both wrong

Let's dive into the details.

Other ways to apologize without saying sorry 

It may seem strange, but sometimes you need to lớn know how to apologize without saying sorry, but it's a skill you need to lớn know. This situation can occur when a customer, for example, hasn't understood how a sản phẩm or service works, failed to lớn update some software, or lost a login.

Here's an example of how to lớn apologize without saying sorry.

"I apologize for the problems you have experienced returning your product. However, our terms and conditions are clear that we will not pay return postage for your items. I can assure you that we will process your refund as soon as we receive the cửa nhà back."

How to lớn apologize for saying something you didn't mean

Sometimes we may say or write things that may be misunderstood by someone else. It's important to respect how the other person feels and express regret. It's also critical khổng lồ ensure the error doesn't happen again. Here's how that can work.

100 apology examples

There are an almost infinite number of ways you can say sorry, but we've included 100 of our favorites below. These are split into categories to lớn help you select the most suitable apology for each situation.

How lớn write a personal apology

Here are some examples of writing a personal apology lớn someone you know.

I sincerely apologizeI highly apologizeI greatly apologizeI deeply apologizeI would like to sincerely apologize for...I would lượt thích to express my sincere apology for...I would like to offer a sincere apology for...I apologize for not...I apologize for the confusionI apologize for what happenedI apologize for the multiple emailsI apologize for the mistake I madeI apologize on behalf of the companyI apologize for any grammatical errorsI am sorry for my mistakeI am sorry for my actionsI am sorry for messing upI am sorry for any misunderstanding I may have causedI am sorry for disappointing youI am sorry and apologize for...I am sorry to lớn bother you againI am sorry và sincerely apologize for the inconvenience causedI am so sorry about thisI am asking for an apologyI have to apologizePlease accept my apologies for the mistakePlease accept my sincere apologies for the inconvenience causedplease accept my sincere apologies for the delayPlease accept my apologies for the late responsePlease accept my apologies for the short noticeMy apologies, I forgot khổng lồ attach...My apologies for the mistakeMy apologies for the delay in sending the documentMy apologies for the confusionMy apologies for overlooking your emailMy apologies for my absence...My apologies for the last-minute request...Many apologies for...Utmost apologies for...A big apology for...A formal apology for...A heartfelt apology for...A personal apology for...Sorry for the typoSorry for the issueSorry for the mix-upSorry for my actionsSorry for the mishap Sorry for the problemSorry for my behaviourSorry for the oversightSorry for bothering youSorry for disrespecting youSorry for my incompetenceSorry for wasting your timeSorry for the inconvenienceSorry for the misunderstandingSorry for the last minute noticeSorry for not getting back to lớn you soonerSorry for the delay in sending the reportSorry to lớn confuse youSorry lớn inform you lateSorry I was mistakenSorry it was a mistakeSorry I said the wrong thingSorry I missed your visitSorry I have overlooked your emailSorry I couldn't attend the meeting

Business apology examples

These apology examples are suitable for writing as a representative of a business, company, organization, or service provider.

We sincerely apologizeWe highly apologizeWe greatly apologize forWe deeply apologizeWe would lượt thích to apologize for...We apologize for the mistake and the inconvenienceWe apologize for any misunderstandingOur apologies for the oversightOur apologies for the mistakeOur sincere apologies for...Please accept our sincere apology for...Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused

How khổng lồ say sorry at the end of an email

We've suggested apologizing up front, but sometimes you'll want to drop one in at the end. So here's khổng lồ say sorry at the over of an email.

...My greatest apologies....My most sincere apologies.... I am deeply sorry....I am sincerely sorry....I am sorry for my mistakes....I am so sorry for the inconvenience....Sorry for the trouble....Sorry for the hurdle....Sorry for pushing....Sorry for informing you late....Sorry again....Sorry if there are any mistakes in......Apologies again for the inconvenience....with regret,...with my apologies,...We would lượt thích to apologize in advance for the inconvenience....We are extremely sorry for the trouble caused....We are really sorry for the inconvenience....Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience....We are sorry and apologize for the mistake....We regret the inconvenience caused....Our deep & sincere apologies....Once again, sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Apology thư điện tử format

As you can see, there are hundreds of ways khổng lồ say I'm sorry, but thankfully there's a single accepted format.

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Researchers studying effective apology emails have discovered that there is a standard structure, including:


We can translate the findings of researchers into a professional thư điện tử format. As we've outlined in previous blogs, every professional apology letter has five parts:

Subject lineEmail greetingEmail opening line and body Email ending Email signature 

Here's a visual representation of how the apology thư điện tử format works in practice.

Let's look at each of these parts in greater detail.

Apology e-mail subject line

Every subject line is short and to the point, so we recommend sticking an apology up front, not hiding it in the toàn thân of your message. 

Some examples of acceptable apology thư điện tử subject lines include:

Please accept my apologiesConfused about my last message?We made a mistakeAn apology from An apology from I am sincerely sorry

These are samples that you can apply lớn your apology messages. We'd suggest you look for ways to personalize them where possible, including details that are relevant lớn your clients, customers, managers, or teams.

Apology greetings

An apology is an official email, so follow the accepted rules & formal greetings when deciding how to lớn start an apology email. The regulations on starting an apology letter are pretty simple; use 'Dear if you know the person.

If you're apologizing for something, you'll likely know their full name. If you don't, you can use a suitable collective term, such as "Dear Customer" or "Dear Team".

Learn more about professional email greetings in our article.

Three parts of an apology

A heartfelt apology has three parts, says Jeffrey Bernstein, Ph.D., in Psychology Today. Every great apology includes:

Acknowledgment – Admit that you have done wrong & say so clearly.Empathy – It is critical to lớn understand how your actions và your mistakes have made the other person feel––and what this may mean lớn them.Restitution – You've said sorry và acknowledged the emotional impact is great; now say what you're going to vì to make things better. Restitution is about restoring respect và building a better, stronger relationship in the future.

We use this structure in our samples, so read on khổng lồ see how it can work in practice.

How lớn acknowledge a mistake in an email

Using the three-part model of an apology developed by Bernstein, we can tackle the most challenging part: how to acknowledge a mistake in an email.

Here are some examples of how you can acknowledge your mistakes, be clear that you understand the issue, & accept the mistake is yours:

It is my mistake that...I made a mistakeI made an errorI made a terrible mistakeI've made a huge mistakeI admit that I made a mistake when...I accidentally left your name off my last emailA correction to lớn my previous email...This won't happen again

How lớn close an apology email

The principles of how to lớn close an apology e-mail are about setting the scene for a future relationship that's better and stronger. It obviously depends on the mistake, the relationship, and what needs to lớn be repaired. Still, some positive ways you can close an apology thư điện tử include:

I look forward lớn working with you in the futureI trust we can put this situation behind usWe will never make the same mistake again & hope you will continue to work with usWe are excited lớn continue our partnershipI hope this apology closes the matter & enables us lớn move forward positively

In case you want to learn more email closing phrases check out our article on the topic.

Apology thư điện tử samples

As we've established, crafting professional apology emails isn't simple, but following the structure outlined above & our advice will have you create apology emails with impact. 

Here are three thư điện tử apology samples that illustrate how to lớn say sorry at work in several everyday situations you may experience.

Apology email to client

Crafting an apology message to a client means following the format above, structuring a response that acknowledges the issues và provides a positive way forward. In this example of how lớn apologize lớn the client for a mistake, we provide a standard apology letter you can shape to your circumstances.

Dear Simon Smith, I would lượt thích to sincerely apologize for the poor unique service you received from us at (company name). We recognize that we failed lớn live up to your expectations và understand how frustrated và upset you were. All of us at (company name) would like to sincerely apologize for the service you received. In light of your experience, we are making changes to lớn ensure this never happens again. We hope you will continue to lớn work with us và look forward khổng lồ hearing from you in due course. Yours Sincerely, John Alison

Apology email to customer

Depending on your business, service, or sector, this customer service apology template can help you regain trust & restore respect. 

Some of the reasons you may need to send an apology thư điện tử to a customer:

Apology thư điện tử to customer for delay in deliveryApology to lớn a customer for a mistakeApology to a customer for long wait timeApology lớn a customer for delay in responseApology lớn a customer for bad serviceApology email to customer for poor serviceApology e-mail to customer for a damaged product

Here's an example of an apology e-mail to a customer you could use in various different situations.

Apology templates by kazantourforum.com

kazantourforum.com is an AI writing tool that turns your instructions into ready-to-send emails and messages in seconds. It takes care of the e-mail structure, capitalization, grammar, spelling, punctuation – you name it. Essentially you can focus on your thoughts and ideas, và kazantourforum.com will give them wings. We dare to claim that it's the fastest way khổng lồ start writing better emails. Our AI template collection features dozens of thư điện tử templates that can help you with all the aspects apology emails. To lớn grasp how easy và fast it's to write apology message with kazantourforum.com, just check out the example of resolving a customer complaint below.


While owning up lớn a mistake can be challenging, it shows a maturity that demands respect. We all make mistakes, so we should also know how to apologize both at work & in our personal lives. While "I'm sorry" is the most often used apology statement, it's usually not enough that you should consider what to say in an apology given the context. This blog post about apology emails & apology messages has introduced to you more than 100 sample sentences that can help you figure out things khổng lồ say when apologizing, so make sure to lớn make good use of them. In addition, kazantourforum.com's apology template can help you with apology statements in emails whenever you doubt how to make things right. If you found this piece helpful, we suggest that you bookmark it for the next time you need to lớn get over a mistake and apologize professionally in an email.