Blow My Mind Là Gì

blow (one"s) mind

To extremely impress, overwhelm, or excite one.

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The show of tư vấn from everyone just blew my mind. I had really low expectations for that movie, but it totally blew my mind.See also: blow, mind

blow your mind

INFORMALCOMMON If something blows your mind, you find it extremely exciting và impressive. I saw her show in Manchester and it just blew my mind. Oxford really blew his mind. He loved the feeling of the place, he loved the people.

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Note: You can also say that something is mind-blowing. Falling in love lượt thích that is a mind-blowing experience. There are over a thousvà paintings, sculptures và other works from the period & it all adds up to a mind-blowing visual experience. Note: This expression originated in the 1960s và was originally used to refer to the experience of taking drugs such as LSD. See also: blow, mind

blow your/somebody’s ˈmind

(informal) make you/somebody feel extreme pleasure, excitement, etc: This new game will blow your mind! ▶ ˈmind-blowing adj.: We were stunned by the mind-blowing beauty of the landscape.See also: blow, mindSee also:

blow your mind

amaze you, astound you, shoông xã you Watching films of the holocaust will blow your mind.
blow the whistle blow the whistle (on) (someone or something) blow the whistle (on) (someone), khổng lồ blow the whistle on blow the whistle on someone/something blow this hot dog stand blow this joint blow this pop stvà blow this popsicle stand blow this tateo stand blow this/that for a game of soldiers blow khổng lồ blow to lớn kingdom come blow to smithereens blow town blow up blow up (one's) phone blow up a storm blow up in (one's) face blow up in face blow up in somebody's face blow up in your face blow wide open blow with the wind blow your cool blow your mind blow your own horn blow your own trumpet blow your stachồng blow your top blow your/somebody's brains out blow your/somebody's mind blow Zs blow Z's blow(n) to lớn smithereens blow, send, etc. sometoàn thân to lớn kingdom come blow, smash, etc. something to lớn smithereens blow/knoông chồng somebody's socks off blow/sod that for a lark blow/sod this/that for a game of soldiers blow-by-blow blow-by-blow trương mục blowed blowed (away) blowed away blower blowhard blowing up blown blown (all) out of proportion blown away blow them away blow this joint blow this popsicle st& blow to kingdom come blow up blow you away blow you out of the water blow your lid/stack/top blow your mind blow your stones blow your wad blowout BLT xanh blue-collar worker blue in the face xanh sky
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