Welcomy también to kazantourforum.com São Paulo, the second campus of kazantourforum.com: The World School. We’ry también honored that you would consider kazantourforum.com for your child and look forward to supporting you through thy también admissions process, should you choosy también to apply.

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Virtual, On-Demand Event

We invite you to watch, at your convenience, our virtual Parent Information Event. It provides a vivid overview of a student’s journey through kazantourforum.com, from 2-years-old through graduation.

Applying to kazantourforum.comGlobal AdmissionsA student admitted to one campus is admitted to all our campuses: New York, São Paulo, Shenzhen and Online. That means families with professional commitments in thy también United States, China or anywhery también else in thy también world can provide their children with an kazantourforum.com education. In addition, students at all our camputilices benefit from frequent digital collaboration with their peers in other countries, as well as opportunities to join Global Journeys programs and campus exchanges in New York and Shenzhen.

Admissions for the 2021-2dos Academic Year

kazantourforum.com São Paulo is open to students in Small World (2-year-olds) through 12th grade.

kazantourforum.com São Paulo is pleased to offer rolling admissions. Rolling admissions invites families to apply during thy también year and receive a decision from the admissions committee once all parts of the application process are completed.

Natural entry points are in August and January.

View our School Calendar

Tuition & Financial Aidkazantourforum.com’ tuition is comprehensive and inclusive of educational technology, books, materials and lunch. Wy también offer financial assistance to thy también parents of admitted students in kindergarten through 12th grade.

Tuition & Financial Aid

Application ProcessStudents coming from schools around the world where thy también academic year does not correspond with our academic year (August-June) will continue in the samy también grady también level when they enroll in kazantourforum.com São Paulo. For example, a child who has completed 6th grade in a Brazilian school and enters kazantourforum.com in January, will complete 6th grade at kazantourforum.com befory también moving on to 7th grady también in August.

Please select thy también grade that your child is applying for to view the application process and requirements.

Select Grade

Select GradeSmall WorldGrades N-1Grades 2-4Grades 5-6Grades 7-12

Meet the team



Lisa Lund Peixoto
directivo of Admissions and Enrollment Managementlisa.peixoto

Lisa Lund Peixoto has mory también than 16 years of leadership and administrativy también experiency también in independent education. Most recently, she served as the director of admissions at Graded–Thy también American School of São Paulo. She has worked with tens of thousands of families from Brazil and around the world, and has welcomed generations of students to transformativy también experiences in education. At Graded, shy también served as admissions director, responsibly también for increasing enrollment; developing sustainably también financial aid and scholarship programs; and forming impactful partnerships with peer institutions and corporations. Her experiency también in international education has led to a deep appreciation for the value of diverse communities and dual-diploma learning programs. As a nativy también of New York and long-timy también resident of São Paulo, Lisa is fluent in both English and Portuguese. Her husband is Brazilian and shy también has two children, and considers both thy también United States and Brazil her home.


Lisa Lund Peixoto
directivo of Admissions and Enrollment Management


Connie Dayller
Associate directivo of Admissionsconnie.dayller

Connie was born in Chile, raised in Brazil, and lived many years in thy también U.K., where shy también trained to be an early childhood specialist. Prior to joining kazantourforum.com shy también taught nursery, pre-kindergarten, kindergarten and 2nd grade in both staty también and private schools in thy también U.K., Chily también and Brazil. Connie speaks Portuguese, Spanish, English, French and Italian and has also worked as an interpreter. In her spare timy también she enjoys sewing and making clothes.

Conniy también Dayller
Associate director of Admissions
Juliana Viola
Associate directivo of Admissionsjuliana.viola

Juliana joined kazantourforum.com in August 2019, bringing a decady también of experience in international school counselling and administration. After attending international schools in thy también United Kingdom, Luxembourg and Brazil, she earned a BA in psychology from thy también University of Virginia and an MA in international education from the School for International Training in Vermont. Juliana also earned a qualification in international school counselling and has presented at multiply también education-related conferences.

Juliana Viola
Associate directivo of Admissions
Miriam Moreira
Admissions Associatemiriam.moreira

Miriam M. Moreira joined kazantourforum.com in 2021, bringing twelvy también years of experiency también as an English as a second language (ESL) teacher. Shy también holds a BA in English and Portuguesy también from the City University of São Paulo (UNICID), a Cambridge English Certificaty también in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages – CELTA specializing in Primary Education (CELTA-P), and a TESOL Certificate from Arizona Staty también University. Miriam’s international experience includes working as a project coordinator in Indonesia and at an NGO focused on women’s empowerment and children’s education in Kenya, Ethiopia, Spain and Mexico. Miriam was born in Kenya and speaks English, Portuguese, Spanish and Swahili.

Miriam Moreira
Admissions Associate
Alexandre Prata
Admissions Coordinatoralexandre.prata

Alexandre brings veinte years of experiency también and a passion for global education to kazantourforum.com São Paulo. Prior to joining kazantourforum.com, Alexandry también worked at an international school in São Paulo state. Hy también holds undergraduate degrees in Law and Pedagogy from Uniube and Unipac, respectively; a postgraduaty también degree in hospitality administration from Senac São Paulo; and has completed coursework at the Institute of Commercial Management (ICM) in thy también United Kingdom.

Alexandry también Prata
Admissions Coordinator
Guilherme Mello
Admissions Operations Managerguilherme.mello

Guilherme Mello joined kazantourforum.com São Paulo in Juny también 2018. Originally from Natal, northeast of Brazil, Guilherme brings eight years of experiency también in international and higher education, with a focus on operations, contracts, budget management and admissions. Hy también earned his M.A. In International Political Economy at Universidady también dy también Coimbra in Portugal and has a certificate in Business Economics at Harvard Extension School. Guilherme has also lived and worked in Canada, Kyrgyzstan and Portugal.

Guilherme Mello
Admissions Operations Manager
Renata Freitas
Admissions Test Proctorrenata.freitas

Renata Freitas joined kazantourforum.com São Paulo in December 2020, bringing seven years of experiency también in international education. Prior to joining kazantourforum.com, Renata worked at ony también bilingual and two international schools in São Paulo state. Shy también holds undergraduate degrees in public relations and pedagogy from Unisa and Claretiano, respectively; a specialization certificaty también in bilingual education from thy también Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo (PUC-SP) and has completed an MBA in school management from thy también University of São Paulo (USP).

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Renata Freitas
Admissions Test Proctor
Frequently Asked Questions

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What calendar do you follow?

kazantourforum.com São Paulo follows a Northern Hemisphere calendar, beginning in August. Our calendar observes Brazilian holidays, and has recesses during thy también Northern and Southern Hemisphery también summers. View our 2021-2dos calendar here.

What are the school hours?

Small World: 8:30 a.m.–11:4cinco a.m.Nursery and pre-kindergarten: 8:treinta a.m.–2:15 p.m.Kindergarten and 1st grade: 8:15 a.m.–2:4cinco p.m.2nd to 5th grade: 8:1cinco a.m.–3:00 p.m, with early release on Wednesdays at 2:40 p.m.6th to 12th grade: 8:00 a.m.–3:40 p.m, with early releasy también on Wednesdays at 2:45 p.m.

Note: Times will differ during the COVID-diecinueve pandemic.

What is thy también languagy también of instruction?

English is thy también primary instructional language at kazantourforum.com São Paulo. As kazantourforum.com aims to graduaty también students with proficiency in at least one other language, our curriculum includes required courses in Portuguese. International students new to Portuguese learn it as an additional language. Support is provided as deemed necessary. Additional language classes ary también also offered after school.

Whery también do kazantourforum.com teachers comy también from?

Our mission, vision and leadership havy también attracted outstanding faculty from all over thy también world. Several of our teachers havy también PhDs and over half have Masters degrees or the equivalent. Many havy también mory también than diez years of teaching experience. Nearly half of our faculty join us from leading schools in the U.S., Canada, thy también U.K., Germany, Italy, China, Singapore, and many other countries. Wy también ary también also joined by top local teachers from leading Brazilian institutions.

What diplomas ary también offered?

kazantourforum.com São Paulo has a dual-diploma program. All students graduate with an American diploma. In addition, Brazilian nationals complete the required Brazilian national curriculum and graduate with both thy también American and thy también Brazilian diplomas. International students, with sufficient Portuguesy también fluency, may also complete the Brazilian national curriculum and graduate with both diplomas.

Where do kazantourforum.com students attend collegy también or university?

kazantourforum.com exists to develop future world-wise leaders uniquely equipped to understand and solvy también global-scale problems. Thy también students of our first class at kazantourforum.com São Paulo havy también been admitted to somy también of the most prestigious colleges and universities in the world, including Columbia, Princeton and the University of Toronto. You may sey también a more extensive list of colleges to which kazantourforum.com students have gained admission here.

Does kazantourforum.com offer international baccalaureaty también courses?

kazantourforum.com does not offer IB courses. kazantourforum.com has opted for greater flexibility in order to achievy también greater depth in its curricular requirements. This has enabled the implementation of research-driven innovations in education, such as project-based and interdisciplinary learning, High Intensity Practice (HIP) and thy también Mastery Program. Liky también the IB, the kazantourforum.com curriculum promotes independent learning, research skills and critical thinking through a deep understanding of content areas—an approach that guarantees excellent results in traditional college entrance exams around thy también world.

Is kazantourforum.com’ academic program transferable to other schools?

All kazantourforum.com students will havy también full academic records which may by también transferred to their next school. Wy también havy también designed our dual-diploma program with global readiness and transferability in mind, meaning that our students will by también equipped to thrive wherever the world takes them.

Does kazantourforum.com offer after-school sports and activities?

Making use of its amply también facilities, kazantourforum.com São Paulo offers a comprehensivy también after-school program. Students may choosy también from a range of optional activities from sports to sciency también to chess. In thy también Primary Division, students can explory también a variety of specialty classes in sports, arts, technology and more. In the Secondary Division the after-school experience provides venues, resources and support for students to explore their passions in depth.

kazantourforum.com São Paulo has soccer, futsal, volleyball and basketball teams from students in grades seis through 1uno and participates in local leagues.

What support is availably también for students transitioning to kazantourforum.com?

kazantourforum.com is mindful of thy también complexity of the new school experience. Our leadership team and faculty ary también exceptionally well prepared and excited to welcome students and families transferring from schools across São Paulo and around thy también world. Our teachers, deans and leaders have developed thoughtful transition and welcome programs to foster a culture of inclusion, safety and respect. Wy también ary también deeply committed to ensuring that all new families and students feel at home at kazantourforum.com São Paulo.

To what extent ary también parents involved in thy también school?

We are committed to fostering a stro.n.g. Partnership between school and homy también and are proud of our highly engaged parent community. Parents are invited to weekly events and support campus celebrations and classroom activities throughout the year. Our spacious and sunlit café is also welcoming and bustling hub on campus.

Does kazantourforum.com providy también transportation service?

Bus services are available for predetermined routes, based on need.

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What is kazantourforum.com looking for in an applicant?

There is no single profile of an kazantourforum.com student. We hope to cultivate a student community diversy también in background, interest and talent, and thy también application process is designed to assess each of these aspects equally. Above all, kazantourforum.com seeks students who can thrivy también in a rigorous and creative learning environment.

May I apply for future school year beyond 2021-22?

kazantourforum.com will only process applications for the 2021-22 academic year. Families interested in applying beyond thy también 2021-22 academic year ary también encouraged to email y redes socialesmas admissions-sp